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Transfer or Restore a cPanel Account takes forever



  • Andrew

    You are uploading the backup file from your computer to the server and your local internet speed (upload is slow) while 17GB is large :) so this is the reason why it takes so long. Instead of this I suggest you to upload the backup file to the server via FTP first (preferably to /home) then you can restore it from WHM much faster.

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  • milo695

    Yep, I'm aware of that, upload from local machine takes time, but that doesn't change the fact that interface is confusing with no indication on what happening. Just my opinion.

  • rbairwell

    The "lack of happening" is because the file is taking ages to upload and until the upload is complete, the server isn't really doing anything (and the connection with your upload will probably time out as well - that's if there aren't restrictions on the WHM upload file size...)

    As Andrew suggested, I would upload it file FTP (personally, I'd use rsync such as " rsync -avh -e ssh backupfile.tar.gz username@host:~/ " to ensure if anything happens to the connection, it is easy to resume from: if you are using Windows, either use WSL [Windows Subsystem For Linux], or have a look at Cygwin which includes a Windows compatible rsync client or cwRsync which I haven't tried myself).

    Once it's uploaded to the server (which will take around 30 minutes on a fast 80Mbps upload connection - my FTTC connection averages 62Mbps download/17Mbps upload and would take me around 2.5hours!), you should be able to then restore it quite quickly.


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