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Is there any way to get email track delivery failed reports in mail message?


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  • rbairwell

    Deferred emails - believe me, you don't want to get notified automatically of these. Emails can be delayed/deferred because a whole host of reasons (from issues on your server, network issues, issues on the remote server, antispam/greylisting systems etc etc: some issues happening just for a few seconds/ on the initial delivery attempt - others may be for a couple of days if the remote server is undergoing maintenance). The emails will automatically be queued to be resent for a period of time (for example, every 3 hours for 7 days - see Exim's retry configuration for details).

    If the email has failed delivery, you should automatically receive a "bounceback" email - if your server has deemed the email address invalid (i.e. non-registered domain) or the remote server has immediately rejected the email this will be nearly instant: other times, you will have to wait for the retry configuration to "time out" before the failure notification email is sent.

    This email should come from "Mail Delivery System <Mailer-Daemon@[server name]>" usually with a subject of "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender" with the body describing what happened.

    As to retrieving the data via an API - it is possible - but only by using the deprecated cPanel API 2 system - see .

    Hope it helps!


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