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Suspicious page blocked for your protection



  • rbairwell

    The best thing I can suggest is find a web site guru in this scenario.

    It could be a hacker has broken into your site (such as reused passwords, a plugin/website code vulnerability etc) and has put malware on your site, it could be your site referencing Javascript from a third party which has been exploited (forcing malware from their site to appear on your site), it could be a "false positive" alert, it could be an ISP intercepting the page for "anti-adware/adult content/other content" reasons etc etc. Looking at Bitdefender's website, the "Suspicious page" warning could also be generated by an invalid SSL certificate and other "not really worth worrying about" reasons. So just asking the cPanel community how to fix this would be us just making wild guesses...

    You might be able to point any web site guru you find (or perhaps other cPanel community members) in the right direction if you can let us know the precise reason Bitdefender is blocking the page (see their "Find out what triggers the “Suspicious connection blocked” notification" ) and if malware scanning sites such as and report if they find anything (and what that something is).

  • cPanelPeter cPanel Staff


    What happens if you temporarily disable bitdefnder?  Does it work then?  Sometimes Bitdefender can be a bit heavy handed on the configuration section and block things that are not an issue.  



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