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My hostname is not secured.



  • Enrique Delavau

    thank you

  • rbairwell

    cPanel servers a default "Sorry!" page if the server hostname, IP address or "unrecognised hostname" is accessed on port 80 (http) or (443). If you access the hostname on port 443 (i.e. ) - it *should* have an SSL certificate assigned to it.

    If it hasn't got an SSL certificate assigned, then according to running:


    should resolve the issue ( has more information about that script)

    Having an SSL certificate active or not on web pages does not in any way affect security of the server. The main reason for SSL certificates being in use nowadays is for user-privacy: it means the data between the user's web browser and the server is encrypted and so can not be easily viewed by a third party (hackers, open wifi users, state-backed parties etc) and provides some assurance that the user is reaching the correct server for the website. [note that 3rd parties can still "see" that you are contacting server "X", but won't be able to see which website on that server or what data is being passed to/from - and that a determined party can still intercept requests, but this will require a compromised machine [PC or server] and/or co-operation with a certificate authority which are usually quite strict about that sort of thing]


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