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Subdomain Not Appearing After Creation in cPanel



  • kodeslogic

    Is the sub-domain A record created at the Cloudflare panel?


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  • rbairwell

    Troubleshooting steps:

    From your PC/Macs command line trying running "nslookup" (or use a service such as or . If that does not come back with your server's IP address, then the problem is with the DNS settings at CloudFlare.

    If it DOES come back with your servers IP address, then you should be getting a message of sorts from the server - what do you get?


    It is possible your web browser may have cached an "not-available/wrong" DNS entry. If so, on Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Vivalidi, Brave, Edge) going to chrome://net-internals#dns (you'll need to type that in or copy/paste - clicking on it shouldn't work: and the URL may be changed to the browser-specific version automatically). Just hit "clear host cache" and all should be good. You can also enter the hostname on that page to see what the browser is able to find (similar to nslookup). For Firefox, you'll need to go to about:networking#dns .


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