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  • rbairwell

    Servers are licensed by IP address so you will just need to ask your hosting provider to deactivate the license on the server and then purchase a license yourself via .

    Some hosting providers will insist on a "clean install of just the operating system" of the server to remove the license - this isn't technically necessary from a licensing point of view, but may need to be necessary from the hosting provider's infrastructure management. Worst case: Get a new server from them with just the appropriate operating system installed, install cPanel/WHM yourself, get a license, then migrate the sites from the "old" server to your new one and then ask them to cancel the old server.

    It is worth noting that hosting providers get a significant volume discount off the "retail price" of cPanel licences - for example, the "Pro (30 Accounts)" package directly from cPanel is $42.99 - whereas the hosting provider I am with charges $31.54 for the licence (and that's after their volume discount and they aren't a massive organisation either) - but they do have to then provide support.

    It may be worth reading the technical support agreement at first - cPanel will only provide "reasonable efforts...during business connection with Incidents that it determines are related to the Software or any third-party applications included with the Software". They will not help with networking issues (unless caused by the cPanel software), operating system issues (unless caused by the cPanel software), general server maintenance, backups etc etc.

  • ffeingol

    cPanel servers license by IP address.  You'd prob. have to order the license directly from cPanel, cancel the license from the partner and refresh the license on the server.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    -cancel the existing license on the server
    -order a new license from us
    -run the following command to update the license on the server:


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