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CloudLinux - websites very slow



  • Andrew

    If you go to CloudLinux Manager then Statistics you will see if any of the accounts hit any limits imposed by CloudLinux. You should see those under the "F" columns. If they hit limit that could be the source of the slowness.

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  • Unnamed User

    Hello Andrew and thank you for the info, I knew that. Thus, I started to create new packages with specific specs. But still have this slow time on websites.. Although, I did something else I read here from another post and says this:

    "I Think This Apache Limit Issue Please Try Below Apache Configuration Login to WHM> Apache Configuration> Global Configuration Find Server Limit & Set 2048 Find Max Request Workers & Set 2048 After That Restart Apache I Hope It Will Work For You ! Otherwise You Can Use LiteSpeed To Get Rid Of This Problem.

    It seems to be working until now! thank you for your time

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Is this happening with all websites on the machine?  What if you just have a simple html page with no content - is that still slow?

    You may want to watch "apachectl status" on the server to see what Apache is doing in real-time, as that may get you more details on the slowness.


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