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Specific Email Question related to SMTP - PLEASE HELP!



  • rbairwell

    You'll be best to contact the web hosting provider (possibly GoDaddy - although the domain name appears to belong to A2Hosting) for assistance as this is something distinct to that configuration.

    Based on the error messages, it looks like when your site tries to connect to Zohomail it is somehow being redirected to - and that is failing the TLS validation (as it should). When I try connecting to on port 587 manually I do get the "220 SMTP Server ready ...." banner.

    Working on the assumption the site is hosted by A2Hosting, I did find their help article at which states:

    You cannot use external SMTP servers to send e-mail messages if you have one of the following hosting packages:

    • Web hosting (Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, or Turbo Max)
    • Reseller hosting
    • Managed WordPress hosting

    It'll be best to contact them (if the site is hosted with A2Hosting) via their help desk at to confirm which settings you should be using.

  • Spires

    rbairwell The domain provider is GoDaddy, but yes the reseller hosting I use is A2.

    It's strange how they don't allow external SMTP to send messages but I was able to accomplish the same thing with SendGrid... Maybe it's a slightly different process - this kind of extends beyond my expertise.

    Anyways, I have contacted A2 thanks to your message to see if there was any futher info they could provide. I didn't even think to check A2 for this.

    Have a great day & thank you again!


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