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Subdomain Redirects Not Working in cPanel


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  • mtindor

    You should probably remove where you work, although the cPanel folks likely will as soon as they see the post.

    Sounds like you went into cPanel --> Domains and added a subdomain.   Is that correct?

    If so, when you did, it likely by default told that domain to "share document root" -- depending upon what the administrators of the server set up, that option may be selected by default.   And if that is the case, when you add, it brings up the same content as /

    I'd recommend that you remove that subdomain that you added, and then re-add it -- making sure to UNcheck the box for "share document root".    Then it will create the subdomain with its root folder inside public_html somewhere instead of making its root folder public_html.

    Certainly don't delete public_html on the filesystem.  I'm suggesting you delete the subdomain in cPanel --> Domains and then re-add it with "share document root" UNchecked.



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