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Backup Terminology: Full? Partial? Home ?



  • quietFinn

    "A full backup creates an archive of all of your website’s files and configuration. You can use this file to move your account to another server or to keep a local copy of your files."

    You can use that backup to restore the account and it will be eaxactly the same as the account was when the backup was created.
    Full backup can only be restored by the root user, cPanel user can't restore it.



  • lmstearn

    Not armed with Admin access, there is nothing under Account Backups on the main backup page here, yet the docs only mention full backups associated with Account backups.

    Is it possible to snapshot a subset of the configuration, for example?

    Can it be read from the docs the possibility of populating cpbackup-exclude.conf with some items, and then clicking the full backup button? Sounds like quibbling, but isn't that a partial backup?

    It would be a more logical approach for the docs and gui maintainers to forget full and partial altogether and explain backups purely in terms of components, config and files, with the bolded note on the page (and in the docs) to the effect that config can only be restored by admins.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    There isn't a way to only backup a certain subset of the account.

    I wouldn't say that reading the cpbackup-exclude file constitutes a "partial" backup - it's still a full backup, with your specified files excluded.

    "Partial" pretty much means either the home directory or just a database, while a full backup means it has everything necessary to move your account to a different server.

  • lmstearn

    Good to know, personally, a convenient way of handling them is to 

    Generate a Full Backup

    This produces a gz file with the site files in the homedir folder and the database in the mysql folder, there is the option of extracting the tarball to remove unwanted files and directories, then recompressing before transferring it to local storage. The downside is to watch for the number of previous backups resident in homedir, as they will get backed up too.

    cPRex: Do all the gz files from the various backup methods have the same compression, or is there zero compression for some?

    Thanks. :)

    Edit: ah, it uses the same as gZip archive in File Manager, so looking at this again, probably not the best idea to use the homedir for backup storage - unless there is a limitation on bandwidth.

    Edit2: Well, in megabytes the original generated backup was 169.58, the homedir compressed to 166.03 and the mysql compressed 2.43 (both in gz), thus saving a whopping 1.12! The extra files in the generated backup don't amount to much, obviously, so best to leave alone.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    All the gz files have the same compression in the backup tool.


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