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cPanel as a relay and DKIM




  • mtindor

    Not sure if it is possible (without massaging stuff in the exim configuration) to have cPanel DKIM-sign an unauthenticated, relayed email.

    If it were me, I'd just install opendkim on some linux box, set it up to DKIM sign for the domain in question, and relay the traffic through that server.   I did that for years with a CentOS server, running Sendmail, with OpenDKIM installed and signing mails being relayed through it.  That was back in ancient days when we were using Imail on Windows for legacy customers and there was no DKIM support.   All the outbound mail from the Imail server was passed through the machine running OpenDKIM and Sendmail, and that machine was set up to DKIM-sign every domain that we had active on the Imail server.  Worked well.

    Considering how little it costs to spin up a droplet at Digital Ocean or some other place, that's what I would do.

  • dandadude

    Thanks mtindor!

    You are probably right there!

    I have ended up using SMTP AUTH instead and all became fine but your idea is also a good workaround!




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