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Unable to change license in cPanel account



  • quietFinn

    Are you saying you don't get the list to select from?

    If not, you could try with different browser.


  • WorkinOnIt

    I could only see the jump to 100 accounts. I tried with different browsers, but didn't work. After several hours I tried again and it worked. Inconvenient, but solved now.

  • WorkinOnIt

    Why do we not have auto scale on the cpanel license? I moved to cpanel direct license rather than partner license, because I want direct support, but now I am faced with no auto scale package pricing which is highly inconvenient.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    The available licenses on the store are the only ones we offer directly.  If a certain host/Partner offered a different license type, that was unique to them.


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