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my cpanel has been blocked from my router




  • mtindor

    You probably generated some sort of traffic that the firewall (CSF presumably) felt was malicious and it likely blocked your IP.  You're going to have to log into your cPanel from another location and see if your IP address is blocked by CSF, and if so unblock it.   If you aren't the admin but are a customer, then you are going to need to contact your web host, give them your current IP, and ask them to unblock your IP in the server firewall.

  • Jawaher Alkhusaibi

    i login from another location as you said and i went to "IP blocker " But there is no IP address blocked there ...what do you mean by CSF and where i can find it ?

  • Jawaher Alkhusaibi

    thank you the problem has solved .


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