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When I delete a (alias) domain that shares the document root of the main domain, will I delete unknowingly the files of my main domain?



  • quietFinn

    Removing the alias domain does not remove any files or directories.

    In that post the files and/or directories didn't get deleted by the removal of the domain, but by WP Toolkit.

    If you test this, add an alias domain, and then remove it it shows:


    Warning: If you remove the “” domain, it will permanently delete the domain from your account. You cannot undo this action. This will not remove “”’s document root (/home/username/public_html).

    As you see it says "This will not remove...".


  • markus909

    Thanks - that's good news

    That means for an actual addon domain I must manually clean up the directory e.g. /home/addondomain when I delete the addon domain.


    I need to check the post again - because I do also delete installs in WP Toolkit but those are WordPress installs. So of course those will delete the files with it. But it won't delete the domain, and I would also not expect that (it's WP Toolkit and not Domain Toolkit)

    So then maybe they talk about deleting alias domains with WP Toolkit. And I think I don't understand that part. Why would I have an alias domain and also WP Toolkit. I have WP Toolkit only for actual WordPress sites. If I cannot have WP Toolkit for an alias address, I can also not delete it.

    Darn, I am overthinking it and not seeing it




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