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Backups are being put in queue but not being transferred



  • Unnamed User

    The backups are set to be uploaded to a FTP destination and the remote destination is enabled and validated. The local copies are disabled after upload but the backup folder is full of backup files of all the accounts across dates. The remote destination server folder has some backup files on some of the dates but not all the backups on all the dates. The timeout duration is set at the default 7200 seconds.

  • Shiju mon


    Can you check if there are any errors in the latest logs in the below locations?



  • Unnamed User

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. 

    I had 2 remote destinations defined. When I disabled one of them, the backups happen instantly i.e. after the backup is made, it is transferred to the remote destination instantly. However, if I enable the second remote destination, the backups are queued and do not occur instantly. I noticed that sometimes they have been transferred to one of the remote destinations after more than 15 hrs, but not all the backups. I even received alerts of backups failing to be transferred even though I noted that the backups mentioned have been transferred as the failure report mentions the date and the filename etc and it is easy to locate the actual backup. I have backups setup daily for full backups and it keeps the backup for 2 days only. I also noticed when I had 2 remote destinations enabled, the remote destinations had folders for more than 2 days showing that the backups are not completed for those dates. But as soon as I disabled one of the remote destinations and ran a manual backup then instantly everything worked normally, i.e. it took the backups, uploaded the files to the single remote destination in the new folder for the date and removed any old backups more than 2 days as configured.

    Both the remote destinations are FTP destinations and are in the same local network, just different computers. I have checked that there are no packet drops or network issue.


  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Did you see any errors in either of the log locations mentioned?  It seems like *something* is causing the backup to fail, and hopefully those logs would show more details.


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