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bandwidth usage causing problems



  • DennisMidjord

    SemrushBot is a known bad bot.
    What you can do to block these bots is block the user agent.

    Login to WHM and navigate to Service Configuration > Apache Configuration.
    Access "Include Editor".
    In "Pre Main Include" for all versions, enter the following:
    <Location />
        SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent SemrushBot badbot

        Order Allow,Deny
        Allow from All
        Deny from env=badbot
    Add a new SetEnvIfNoCase line for each user agent you want to block. It will result in a 403 whenever they access any webpage on your server, resulting in much less bandwidth being used..

  • linkup

    Thanks very much...I am sure that will help...turns out the worse offender after evaluating four domains is one called "nbot".  That bot does not appear on a good or bad lists I found but on a small site generated 37GB of bandwidth.  Another high user is simply called "feed" which had 830K hits on a site with 13gb of bandwidth.  Bothers me more not knowing what they are...

    Really appreciate it.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Thanks, DennisMidjord!


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