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Elevate process and DNSONLY servers




  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Hey there!  I wouldn't bother with any of that, as upgrading a DNSOnly system in that way is not supported.  I would just create new DNSOnly servers, add them to the cluster.  You can then remove the old servers and completely shut them off once you know the cluster is working.

  • User404

    Elevate script doesn't support DNSONLY upgrades? I read this thread earlier and the user said it worked fine. Is something changed after that?


    If I create a new DNSONLY server and add it to the DNS cluster. After that I have to add the new DNS server to all our domains, right? That's out of the question. Or am I missing something how the process goes? Every domain has two NS records.

    My goal is to replace the old cpns1.domain.tld and cpns2.domain.tld DNSONLY servers:

    - keeping the old IP-addresses
    - keeping the old server names
    - keeping the data (all the zones)
    - everything should change behind the scenes, no changes required to the domains.

    If the Elevate script is able to upgrade a DNSONLY server. Please answer the questions in my first post.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    I did confirm with the ELevate team that a DNSOnly upgrade should work just fine!  I'm also going to see if we can get that added to the documentation somewhere to avoid future confusion.

    For your specific questions:

    1 - The only reason you may want to remove it is to avoid slowness of DNS queries.  If a query gets directed to the server during the ELevate process it will just bounce to the next one, but of course there would be a slight delay there.

    2 - I wouldn't expect this one to matter. DNSOnly machines could go offline for other reasons besides ELevate - in fact, that's the entire point of running a DNS cluster.  There may be a brief period where things our out of sync when it first comes back online, but the cluster will handle that gracefully and will resync soon.

    3 - Yes

    4 - Yes - you could run syncall command as outlined here:

  • User404

    Thank you cPRex. And thanks to the Elevate team. They have done a superior job with the script.

    I've successfully upgraded the first DNSONLY server (cpns1.domain.tld, running CentOS 7) to Almalinux 8. I had one blocker. After that, Elevate script worked fine. Everything seemed fine after the upgrade. The DNS cluster is answering and working.

    A few keynotes:
    - I did not remove the cpns1.domain.tld server from the cluster
    - I made a firewall rule to block access on cPanel port 2083. Just in case. I had that option.
    - Upgrade process was fast. Downtime was minimal.

    The second server is waiting next.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Nice - glad to hear it went so well!


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