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Migration Options (Omit files / MySQL Databases)



  • HappyFeat

    I found one option - if I manually make a cpanel backup, copy it to the new server and restore it I can omit files from the backup. 

    Not sure about the databases though.

  • HappyFeat

    I guess I could make a "Home Directory Backup" for each account individually - these don't include the database.

    So, combining this technique with setting a local exclude file for each account will achieve what I need.

    If anyone knows an easier way pelase let me know :)

  • Andrew

    You should use Transfer Tool which can transfer most of your software configuration files bundled with cPanel (like Apache, Exim etc...) as well as your accounts.

    There is no option to exclude certain folders though. Your best option would be to move out the folders of the account's root which you don't want to move then use Tranfer Tool to copy over the accounts.

    If the remote MySQL profile is active on the server then it won't move the databases I believe but you can just de-select the MySQL databases option in Transfer Tool so they wont be moved then.

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