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Configure internal emails on domain and allow whitelist for outgoing smtp



  • quietFinn

    "This interface allows you to configure how your server filters all of the email that your domains’ email accounts receive"

  • Bakang khunou

    Thanks for the above update is there an interface that i can configure for outgoing emails restricting sending to only specified domains in a whitelist that i create ?

  • Bakang khunou

    i also tried a different way by including the below in the exim configuration manager by the routerstart section(Advanced).

       driver = redirect
       domains = :
       data = :fail: Mailing restricted to local domains only

    still did not work.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    There isn't a cPanel-supported way to get this working.  This is a common request, though, so I'd encourage you to submit a feature request at and then I'll review that with our team!


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