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Recovery of Cpanel 110/Centos 7.9



  • quietFinn

    I don't think you can install cPanel version 110 any more, LTS tier is 118.


  • barbarian86

    I tried this once and it worked, it says you can go anything after version 94. 

  • quietFinn

    I tried to install cPanel in Centos 7 and it says:

    2024-05-24 12:20:11  397 [7821] (ERROR): Unsupported operating system (centos 7)
    2024-05-24 12:20:11  398 [7821] (ERROR): cPanel & WHM does not support the version of the Linux distribution you are running. You will need to install on one of the supported versions of a Linux distribution listed at

  • vacancy

    Your job is very difficult in an emergency situation.

    Because you cannot install cpanel on Centos 7 anymore, you will not be able to install it even by forcing it to version 110.


    Almalinux 8 supports PHP 7.2, but MySql 5.7 is out of date. Test your software for MySql 8 on a different server. Generally, databases that work in MySql 5.7 will also work in MySql 8. I don't even think there will be a compatibility problem with MariaDB.

    If you have Json table structures, they will not work in MariaDB, they will work in MySQL 8. In summary, you should test your databases on an up-to-date test server and act accordingly, if necessary, you should start updating your software now by enduring a greater difficulty.

    Good luck.


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