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  • rbairwell

    Have you tried submitting a support ticket as requested as only the cPanel customer service team would be able to see why you are getting this message - other community members/users have no access to cPanel/WebPro's corporate infrastructure (WebPros own cPanel btw).

    At a guess (based on the fact it says "MaxMind Error") it is most likely to be:

    * Your ordering address/credit card address does not reasonably match up to where your geolocated IP address "is" 

    * Your IP address is in a "high risk" or "banned" country/region that either WebPros is blocked from doing business in or has a "high" history of fraudulent orders

    * You are using a VPN, TOR or other connection which "hides" your true IP address

    * Your IP address (or "close IP address neighbors") have made fraudulent orders before (not necessarily you - but your IP address might have been "recycled" from someone who has)

    * WebPro's ordering system was currently undergoing a minor update at the time you placed the order and the Maxmind geolocation database used was unavailable at the time and therefore the system mis-reported data

    * Any other issue relating to the location your IP address or order details claim to be from (could be you are near the border of one country and your IP address is coming up as country A but you say you are in country B - but you are ordering using a corporate card which is registered in country C etc etc).

    The best thing to do is contact the customer service team using the link provided or wait for them to contact you once they have conducted the manual review.

  • ffeingol

    That's a WHMCS error, so you'd need to contact the provider that you were trying to order from.


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