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Generator, uppercase ID



  • Andy Baugh cPanel Staff

    This may sound silly, but perhaps the tarball got created like `EXAMPLE.tar.gz`? If so you'll wanna rename the tarball to something all lowercase, as realistically that's the only other component that needs to be all lowercase that I'm aware of.

    I could not replicate the issue with the plugin generator not creating the plugin. It still creates the plugin in `/var/cpanel/cpanel_plugin_generator/` for me. You may want to open a support ticket about that if you can consistently replicate that on your server so our technicians can take a look and see if they can get some more information on why this might be failing on your server.

    Anyways, I took a look at the case and attached a diff to it which should solve the issue with the plugin generator allowing IDs that are not all lowercase going forward. Hopefully we can get this fix into version 122, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  • jimlongo

    Thanks, the zip file does have an UPPERCASE name.  I'll try that next chance I get.


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