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  • keat63 created a post,

    table corrupted

    We had a table get corrupted this week. Where it should have contained 4300 entries, it only contained 27. There's been no work that i'm aware of which would have caused this. Can you suggest any l...

  • keat63 created a post,

    has anything changed with the backup chron

    For many years, my backups have run daily, with a 1 day retention. Only today when I investigated why the backup folder was four times it's normal size did I notice that it's now perfoming a weekly...

  • keat63 created a post,

    Does a new account require mod acceptance ?

    I've a colleague trying to register a forum account. He's received the welcome email, click here to verify etc, but he's unable to log in. Firstly the forum said.. not reco...

  • keat63 created a post,

    lfd blocked too many connections

    In my logs i'm seeing Subject: lfd on (GB/United Kingdom/ blocked with too many connections I know exactly what this is, it's a d...

  • keat63 created a post,

    DKIM Failure ?

    I found this entry in exim reject log. I understand why it was rejected, as its listed in an RBL. 2022-06-17 01:18:49 H=( []:53666 F= rejected RCPT : "JunkMail...

  • keat63 created a post,

    reject at smtp time if headers contains

    Really struggling with an email virus at the moment, clamav isn't always catching it. I've identified a pettern in the message headers, which a global filter is doing a decent job of weeding out. H...

  • keat63 created a post,

    exim sending failure and not rejection

    I have a thread open which eventually evolves in to this question, but feel that this question really deserves a thread in it's own right. So I have a mailbox which has never existed zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

  • keat63 created a post,

    clamav signatures

    I found today that it's possible to add additional signatures to clamv. Does anyone have a guide and any signature links please ?

  • keat63 created a post,

    Does anyone have any experience with CSF mailscanner

    Guys Does anyone have any experience with CSF mail Scanner FE. I'm getting no where on thier forum, and I've a situatin that's driving me nuts. Our server is under some form of virus attack at th...

  • keat63 created a post,

    email virus attack

    I undergoing some for of virus attack at the moment. I see in the headers X-AntiAbuse: This header was added to track abuse, please include it with any abuse report X-AntiAbuse: Primary Hostname -...