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  • How to Find Accounts That Have Mod Security Turn Off

    Is there a way within WHM or the command line to get a list of sites have Mod Security disabled?

  • Checking Domains That Have Remote MX Records

    Is there a way I can see which domains on the server are not using the server for email and using a remote mailserver instead? Basically I need to check to see which domains are using a remote MX ...

  • Spam & Phishing Emails Spoofing My Email Address

    This one got me stumped. I was hoping someone had some advice for me on this one... I noticed my email address is being spoofed with phishing emails and spam. I thought I would be able to preven...

  • Global Email Filters Not Working

    Anyone have issues with the Global Email Filters not working? I have the attached filter setup. It does move the emails to /interactiveonline.com/support/.Folders.DMARC but it only moved a copy of...

  • Remote Backup for Individual Account

    I was previously using a custom script I downloaded from somewhere awhile backup. I had uploaded it to an account's /home folder, set the cpanel and remote sFTP login details.. and then a cron to ...

  • Horde Move Message to Trash Default

    Within Horde, how do I turned on "Move deleted messages to your Trash mailbox instead of marking them as deleted in the current mailbox?" server-wide by default? I do have root access. Is it with...

  • MySQL 5.7 or MariaDB 10.2

    I see MySQL 5.6 is near its end of life cycle. I'm looking for some feedback as to if I should switch to MariaDB 10.2 or just upgrade to MySQL 5.7 Are there any disadvantages of switching to Mari...

  • Select the action for the system to take on an email account when it detects a potential spammer

    I have Tweak Settings > Select the action for the system to take on an email account when it detects a potential spammer > set to "Hold outgoing mail" Is there a way to view these hold emails? And...

  • Free Auto-SSL - compared to - Paid RapidSSL

    With the recent SSL requirements due to changes with Google Chrome on July 1st... I've had some hosting customers ask: What's the difference between the Free AutoSSL (Comodo) and purchasing a Rap...

  • Find & Replace in Files

    I understand I can use sed to find and replace data such as follows: grep -r -l -e 'something1' /home/user/public_html/* | xargs sed -i 's/something1/something2/g' But how do I replace string tha...