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  • bejbi created a post,

    European Law - DMARC is obligatory

    I would like to thank cPanel Developers for implementing 2FA authentication for webmail in cPanel version 114. Great job. In Poland (in the European Union) there is a new law entered into force in...

  • bejbi created a post,

    big problem with 2FA in Europe

    We just have the first government draft regulation on e-mail security. A project has just appeared in Poland (European Union), which says that if any of the hosting providers is to offer his servic...

  • bejbi created a post,

    ModSecurity OWASP blocking GTMetrix

    If you are using OWASP rules v. 3.3.4 you can experience problem with GTmetrix service. All requests will serve 403 error. It is interesting becouse probably GTmetrix sends forbidden header. GTmet...

  • bejbi created a post,

    php-fpm issue: Webmail or Wordpress Toolkit to choose ...

    When You install WordPress Toolkit, there is a must to enable in system php-fpm for cPanel services. But enabling php-fpm for cPanel services breaks comfortable using of webmail and phpmyadmin - i...

  • bejbi created a post,

    PHP 8.2 ?

    Do you have any work under release of PHP 8.2 ? cPanel, as leading hosting panel should have it when it will be stable. BTW. main competitor offers already 8.2 in RC5 versions. :wq

  • bejbi created a post,

    mail storage on another partition ?

    Hi, Has anyone tried to do symlink /home/USER/mail to a folder on a separate partition? The idea is that the customer account should be on NVMe disks and the storage for e-mails should be on SSD ...

  • bejbi created a post,

    some questions about cPanel-nodes

    I'm testing cPanel nodes (i created: parent host - for www, mail node - for e-mails, db profile - for mysql) My questions are: 1. Dedicated IP: If I change IP of account for dedicated, it changes...

  • bejbi created a post,

    anyone uses e-mail/db/www nodes in production ?

    Is anyone using new node feature in production ? I mean if you have 3 separate servers: - one for www (standard node) - one for e-mails (e-mail node) - one for databases (db node) How it woks in ...

  • bejbi created a post,

    many e-mail administrators in mail-domain

    Hi, I have a very specific and non-standard need: I need to have many additional "e-mail administrators" managing its own small groups of e-mails - all in one mail-domain. For example: adminis...

  • bejbi created a post,

    feature request and info: problem when "skip-name-resolve = 1" is set

    When you need speed up MySQL and would like to set in /etc/my.cnf: skip-name-resolve = 1 You will experince the problem with some websites, where users set in his configs, database host: "127.0.0....