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  • maestroc created a post,

    How to address site going down on dedicated server

    I have a server with three websites on it.  It is running CSF for a firewall.  One of the sites seems to be getting hammered around the same time many days of the week (early afternoon).  Based on ...

  • maestroc created a post,

    How to install deprecated MySQL onto cpanel at server setup?

    I am in a huge bind.  Over the weekend one of my servers died with no apparent way to restore from RAID.  I have a working cpanel backup of the one account on the server but it requires the old MyS...

  • maestroc commented,

    It's been about a year since I moved it so I am fuzzy on any extra details but I know it was done with the whm transfer tool...  Maybe I screwed things up some other way...    

  • maestroc created a post,

    DNS not copied over after migrating account to new server

    I had an account on server A that I moved using the cpanel account mover to server B.  The nameserver for that domain is pointed to the server A.   On server B in the moved account I do not see any...

  • maestroc commented,

    I ran the echo line and received the certificate.  Also checked with the provider and they say they were blocking port 25 but have since fixed that.  Didn't get a certificate on port 25 or 587 but ...

  • maestroc created a post,

    Ports are open and SMTP protection off but can't send to external Google SMTP server

    I have opened outgoing TCP ports 25, 465, and 587 in my firewall (CSF) and also turned off SMTP restrictions.  In Tweak settings Restrict Outgoing SMTP to Root is turned off and allow users to rela...

  • maestroc created a post,

    Mitigating slowloris attack

    I am randomly getting slowloris style attacks on my server. Using the info found on here and other places I have determined that the attacks are primarily coming from a large block of IP's in Sing...

  • maestroc created a post,

    troubleshooting suggestions for repeated site timeouts

    I use a service to monitor the sites on my VPS server for up/downtime and lately have received notifications several times a day that all of the sites feeding off the server are down. A few minute...

  • maestroc created a post,

    switching from suphp to mod_ruid

    I am always paranoid to make any serious changes that I don't totally understand on my server, so when I got a security advisory saying that: [QUOTE] Apache vhosts are not segmented or chroot()ed....

  • maestroc created a post,

    confusion after transfer

    I should be smart enough to figure this out but for some reason I am not seeing it. Any insight would be greatly appreciated... I transferred an account from an old VPS to a new one. The client ...