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  • joaosavioli created a post,

    Transfer backup when it's making.

    Hi, I'll move my server to another with less disk space. Is it possible cpanel send backup to destination ftp when it's making? In another words: Compress one account and send this account to ftp ...

  • joaosavioli created a post,

    Manual change shared IP of all websites

    Hi, I'd like to change shared IP address for all websites manually. I can create a bash script for it. - change shared IP in WHM Configuration - change VirtualHosts in httpd.conf - change /var/cpa...

  • joaosavioli created a post,

    Limiting ModSecurity rule to specific files?

    Hi! Please, how could I limit the action of this rule only in wp-login.php and xmlrpc.php? SecRule REQUEST_HEADERS:User-Agent "@contains gecko" "id:5000501,t:none,t:lowercase,deny,nolog,msg:'BAD B...

  • joaosavioli created a post,

    headers_remove exim.conf

    Hi, I"m trying to use "headers_remove = received" bellow remote_smtp: in exim.conf, but my lines are excluded after cpanel update. Please, how could I write these line bellow remote_smtp? remote:s...

  • joaosavioli created a post,

    Global .htaccess

    Hi, I have a global .htaccess in /home/.htaccess, and it was working until today. Sudely the file don't work in global /home/ or local user /home/user/.htaccess. It works only in user public_html ...

  • joaosavioli created a post,

    Blocked distributed ftpd attack emails and LFD going down

    Hi, I'm having problem with a lot of "blocked distributed ftpd attack". When it happen, sometimes I receive an alert from cpanel that lfd is down, like this "FAILED: lfd". Is there anything that ...

  • joaosavioli created a post,

    Brute force wp-login.php modsecurity

    Hi! Today morning I had a problem about an attack against some websties hosted in my server. This caused apache very slow and high load. A lot of IP address (about 900 address) trying to access w...

  • joaosavioli created a post,

    How to identify user sending syn tcp outgoing attack?

    Hello, Is there any way to identify a users that is sending syn tcp outgoing attack? Cheers! Joao

  • joaosavioli created a post,

    How to control limit outgoing traffic CSF Firewall

    Hello, I had a problem last friday when my server was used (maybe a php script in a user account) to send ddos attack to udp port 53 in another server. I fixed it closing outgoing udp port 53 for ...

  • joaosavioli created a post,

    mod_ruid2+jail apache vs suphp (security)

    Hello, I"ve read about performance, and it"s appear that mod_ruid2 is better than suphp. But, about security? If I select suphp, I can"t enable "Jail Apache". What"s the best option, about securi...