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  • should be "dhcpd cryptominer" or "dhpcd cryptominer"

    Hi, everyone, when I run the  tech-CSI script to scan my cPanel server, I found a negative item call "dhcpd cryptominer": > Found evidence of the dhcpd cryptominer in /bin directory   \_ -rwxr-xr-x...

  • bounce spam issue

    Hi everybody, I had worked hard to stop spam mails in my cPanel sever, thanks for the cPanel's good feature, I had drop lots of incoming and outgoing spam mails, but recently I found one situation...

  • cPanel exim frozen mail queue issue

    Hi every one, Recently I found there are lots incomming mail queues frozen in my cPanel exim server, after checking, I am sure this is because of cPanel wrong design. Basically, the incomming mai...

  • How to edit /etc/exim.conf manually

    Hi, every one. I want to modify /etc/exim.conf. I know best to modify it in WHM interface, however not all conent allow to edit in WHM eximconfiguration Advance Editor interface, therefor I need to...

  • [CPANEL-28786] Is cPanel & WHM affected by CVE-2019-0193 [Solr]?

    Hi, anybody know if cPanel affected this bug:

  • IMAP/POP3 stop when cPanel license expired

    Hi, every one, my cPanel just expired today, and I found mail POP3/IMAP client also failed login. Is this normal now? as I remember, cPanel license only for the support service, my server should be...

  • [CPANEL-25765] SQL is missing from table export options in phpMyAdmin 4.8.4

    Hi everyone, I found the cPanel updated to 11.78 recently: # cat /var/cpanel/updatelogs/update.1547660701.log |grep Downloading |grep phpmyadmin [2019-01-17 01:48:10 +0800] Downloading http://h...

  • The must be active error

    Hi, I am trying to install cPanel with cloud-init when deploy the CentOS 7 from template. I had setup the template with cloud-init and add cpanel installation command into the runcmd of the /etc/c...