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  • Need default hostname to respond with 410

    Somehow Google grabbed the servers hostname a subdomain of our main domain.  In the last week is somehow giving it a higher rank and pushing the actual working domain with ads off the organic searc...

  • Multidomain SSL & post_virtualhost_2.conf

    I had a thread back in 2017 where I was installing a multidomain SSL .... It is a SaaS app one codebase many domains. Well the time has come to update the SSL and for some reason post_virtualhos...

  • PCI Fails SSH weak hashing and key exchange

    So one of my customers PCI scans is failing from Trustwave for these 2: Weak SSH Hashing Algorithms Weak SSH Key Exchange None of my other Domains on that server are failing Controlscan PCI scan...

  • EA4 Php70 CLI out of memory errors

    Ok I noticed a bunch of crons stopped working between last month and this month. If I login to a user account and run the cron it results in "Out of Memory" that's it and some are simple scripts...

  • PCI compliance is getting ridiculous

    So PCI compliance is getting out of control .... Now they will not allow FTP as it is now classified as Obsolete or insecure. "Insecure services and industry-deprecated protocols can lead to inf...

  • PCI compliance report issues

    ProFTPD version 1.3.5B is vulnerable -- ProFTPD CVE-2017-7418 Local Security Bypass Vulnerability "ProFTPD is prone to a local security-bypass vulnerability. An attacker may exploit this issue t...

  • Proftp & TLS 1.0 PCI Compliance

    I am going crazy 40 days ago my server was PCI compliant ..... now I brought on a new customer and the PCI scanner is flagging for port 21 TLS 1.0 Anyone have a fix for it? ProFTP Ciphers: E...

  • EA4 compiling a module for 55 or 56 problem

    Hey everyone I have PhpPhalcon running on one of my boxes for a client. Well one of my guys accidentally ran EA4 migration (we were doing the other boxes) on this one. I quickly was able to compi...

  • SaaS Application & Multidomain SSL

    I have an app that we built and for PCI compliance reasons we had on a plain jane linux server LAMP setup and used an A record's to point clients subdomains to it. Well I spent the last week get...

  • PCI Failing: vulnerable BIND version: 9.8.2rc1

    My PCI scans are failing sending a changelog was rejected by controlscan. How can I update bind to get this done? its costing me $29 a month PCI non compliance fee