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cPanel Resources spike when accessing WordPress dashboard



  • 24x7server
    Hi, Things you mentioned does look to me as normal. There is either lot of traffic coming to your site causing the index page to load or there is an attack. The IO usage you are seeing is due to the same fact that the processing of the application is high due to one of the above reason or some other. You can refer to below link for some assistance: How To Survive a DDoS Attack
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    I also agree this seems normal. With the limits in place of 1G and 1M of I/O usage, a busy site could easily hit those numbers and experience slowness. It might be a good idea to check the Apache data on the system to see if all that traffic is legitimate, and we have details on how to check that here:
  • JessC
    Thank you for the feedback. But the website is not busy, here's a summary of the website visit for the last 24 hours As I mentioned, this mostly happens when members are logged-in in the WordPress dashboard
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    The index.php that shows up in the "top" output you provided wouldn't be the admin panel, but would be connections to the site itself. I might be a good idea to check for Denial of Service type traffic, or it's possible you happen to notice the slowness more when using the admin panel as that would also make several connections to the system.
  • LifeSteala
    @JessC - may I kindly ask, what stats software are you using for displaying website visitors? Many thanks
  • Vs Nu
    Hi Experts, I have this issue in our cPanel where most of the time the resources reaching the limit when accessing the dashboard especially when multiple users are logged in. I also noticed that this process is consuming too much cpu( see screenshot). I don't know if this is normal Please advise. Thank you very much

    Check cPanel > Awstats for more Traffic logs if there is any unwanted/bot traffic you can control it by creating robots.txt file Add cloudflare to protect from attacks
  • guarez
    Hello, I share what I have configured in cpanel and it has worked excellent with wordpress http/2, brotli, php-fpm, and php 7.4 It is very important that you have a cache plugin for wordpress, any free one fulfills the function and greatly improves performance, which makes it use less server resources, 100% verified! I use the free version of wp fastest cache, but you can use the one you like the most, but for free! It's not worth paying for something like that.
    • apache24
    • apr
    • apr-util
    • brotli
    • config
    • config-runtime
    • cpanel-tools
    • documentroot
    • libargon2
    • libcurl
    • libnghttp2
    • libxml2
    • mod_brotli
    • mod_bwlimited
    • mod_cache
    • mod_cache_disk
    • mod_cgid
    • mod_expires
    • mod_file_cache
    • mod_headers
    • mod_http2
    • mod_mpm_event
    • mod_pagespeed
    • mod_proxy
    • mod_proxy_fcgi
    • mod_proxy_http
    • mod_proxy_wstunnel
    • mod_security2
    • mod_ssl
    • mod_unique_id
    • mod_version
    • modsec-sdbm-util
    • nghttp2
    • oniguruma
    • oniguruma-devel
    • openssl11
    • php-cli
    • php-cli-lsphp
    • php74
    • php74-libc-client
    • php74-pear
    • php74-php-bcmath
    • php74-php-calendar
    • php74-php-cli
    • php74-php-common
    • php74-php-curl
    • php74-php-devel
    • php74-php-fpm
    • php74-php-ftp
    • php74-php-gd
    • php74-php-iconv
    • php74-php-imap
    • php74-php-litespeed
    • php74-php-mbstring
    • php74-php-mysqlnd
    • php74-php-opcache
    • php74-php-pdo
    • php74-php-posix
    • php74-php-sockets
    • php74-php-xml
    • php74-runtime

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