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Unknown Processes within cPanel!!!



  • andrew.n
    Could you also attach the output of ps aux with the name of the suspicious process(es) you see?
  • Ghani8856
    Pid Owner Priority CPU % Memory % Command
    3329173 (Trace) (Kill) cPanel User 0 5.69 0.03 lsphp
    3329136 (Trace) (Kill) cPanel User 0 0.85 0.03 lsphp
    3329131 (Trace) (Kill) cPanel User 0 0.69 0.03 lsphp
    The name of those processes are termed "lsphp"
  • andrew.n
    LSPHP aka ListeSpeedPHP is a system process used to handle PHP requests of the websites. You see spikes when the traffic is high and this is absolutely normal.
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    None of that looks odd to me either. I think your initial strace just happened to be getting the portion of the command that was looking at the meminfo file, but that wasn't actually the root command that was running. It's normal to see multiple lsphp processes running on the machine, and each one can take up some CPU power while it processes.

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