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How to go serverless with cPanel? A bit tired of site migrations after Linux versions hit EOL



  • quietFinn
    1. In-place upgrades to new major versions of Linux become possible (I sense that this is unlikely), OR

    I have slight memory that upgrading from Centos 4 to 5 was possible without reinstalling OS. I think it took couple of hours but still a lot easier.
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    At this point, I don't have much to add that is helpful, but I agree it would be great if there were tools for this. With Ubuntu coming, maybe that is something that can happen in the future!
  • SS-Maddy
    @quietFinn, in-place upgrade started only from CentOS 6 only, iirc. But initial upgrades had lots of issues, on of which I remember was the grub2 issues mostly in the EFI based systems. @spaceman. Interesting idea. But why do you have to go serverless ? As you already know, serverless, does have servers in the backend and making cPanel to deploy as microservices, would be crazy and defeat the purpose. cPanel *may be* working on a centralised management platform, where you can provision and it will go on those servers and migrate the accounts more like we do a live migration of VMs. Disk - NFS like AWS EFS and Azure File Storage - for /home - does the expansion of disk as you need. DB - AWS offers RDS serverless, there are other cloud based DBaaS which offers what you want. Compute / BaseOS - Snapshot migration to a bigger VM may be needed. Not able to think a better solution atm. cPanel related files would need to move to Redis or so, instead of files. Just my 2c. BTW check out this provider - ComputeStacks - Grow and expand your hosting business by selling Docker containers. It helps in scaling your application while keep the cPanel to manage your site.

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