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cPanel Technical Support has been heavily impacted by hurricane Beryl and our ability to respond to tickets has been hindered as a result. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we address these delays.

Expired SSL on website



  • cPanelWilliam
    Hey! If you're using any 3rd party plugin such as Bitninja or a 3rd party Nginx service, I'd suggest temporarily disabling them to see if they are causing the expired SSL certificate to be served on the website. If you're using cPanel-provided nginx, we've seen that in some instances, performing a hard restart ( /scripts/restartsrv_nginx --hard
    ) can force the new SSL certificate to be served. If you've tried these options and they did not help to resolve the issue, I would recommend opening a ticket so our support team can take a closer look.
  • davorg
    Hello Tnx, restarting NGINX helped. Regards,Davor

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