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cPanel Technical Support has been heavily impacted by hurricane Beryl and our ability to respond to tickets has been hindered as a result. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we address these delays.

Staging license?



  • ffeingol
    Just send a request to cPanel customer support (can be done via the ticket system) about a development license. You can also normally get a 15 day trial license for new servers.
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    If you don't automatically get the 15-day trial on a new server, just let our Customer Service team know ( and we can help!
  • SRQ_civicrm
    Quoting the response from customer service, which I found very helpful: [QUOTE] Development licenses are available for the purposes below: - Internal Development - Testing cPanel/WHM EDGE releases - Developing applications that integrate with cPanel (whether publicly available or not) - Testing environment changes prior to pushing them live

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