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OVH backup storage



  • techAMIGO
    Hi, Ensure that the credentials you have been provided with are accurate before proceeding to validate the backups. If your cPanel server is equipped with a firewall, ensure that it is not obstructing outgoing connections to the OVH server. Adjust the firewall rules accordingly or consider temporarily disabling it before attempting the process again.
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    Can you check and ensure the following requirements are met for the FTP system? This is from our documentation at Backup Configuration | cPanel & WHM Documentation
    • Make certain that your FTP server supports the MLSD (Machine List Directory) or LIST commands. If the FTP server does not support these commands, the backup system cannot use the FTP server as a remote FTP server.
    • Unix-supported FTP servers, such as Pure-FTPd, support these commands.
    • For more information about these commands, read Wikipedia"s vsftpd documentation.
  • quietFinn
    Hello, cPanel can't validate this OVH destination. Error: Validation for transport "ns313215****" failed: Cannot connect to "ftpback-*****" using provided credentials.

    Can you connect to the backup server in root SSH?

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