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Brute force detection



  • SimpleSonic
    Welcome to the Internet! :D Jokes aside, brute force protection is doing it's job. While sometimes annoying, notifications are part of the process and are completely normal. Additionally, if you're not already using a firewall such as CSF, you may want to do so to block these IP addresses at the firewall level so they are not wasting your system resources constantly trying to log in.
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    This also looks like Brute Force Detection doing its job. I'd recommend blocking the IPs as well after too many failures as @ResellerWiz states.
  • tutur
    Ok thanks. My post wasn't clear enough but I understand it doing his job, I wanted to block these failures as it overloads my server. I tried with fail2ban it seems to do the work ;)

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