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One website using all Apache slots on server



  • ffeingol
    It's not free, but you could look at CloudLinux. You can limit entry points (effectively http(s) connections) per account and if they exceed, the visitor will get a 508 error.
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    This is exactly what CloudLinux is designed to prevent. You could also look into DoS mitigation tools - remember, it's not the website itself causing the issue, but the traffic the website is receiving that is causing the problem. If simple tools like
  • Arvy
    Thank you for the answers. For now I fixed using a bash script. It's not the best solution but fix this issue. [QUOTE]#!/bin/bash q=$(ps -U siteuser | wc -l) if [ "$q" -gt "100" ]; then killall -u siteuser /usr/sbin/httpd fi
  • SimpleSonic
    You should also consider using LiteSpeed instead of Apache. LiteSpeed can scale to meet the demand much better than Apache while using a lot less system resources.

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