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New AWS Cpanel Rocky install. Storage space 100%



  • kodeslogic
    To extend your LVM, you will require the assistance of a Linux administrator.
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    As @kodeslogic said, cPanel doesn't control the partitions on the system. You'd want to speak with your hosting provider to have them adjust the partition size on the system.
  • supportmwm

    Hi cPRex

    I want to bring some awareness to this issue as I think cPanel hasn't looked into this image and simply left a faulty ami image on aws marketplace - which is probably hurting rocky linux adoption for cPanel.
    The image you have put on the link here uses a 10GB LVM container which would not auto-expand to the selected disk size -- and this is without doing any partitions changes on the server. 

    I have setup a few cpanel instance using cpanel provided images on AWS in past and literally only this image has the issue. I simply moved on to alma linux image which work as expected but I honestly that with this image, cPanel is trying to push people away from rocky linux - at least on aws platform. 

    This is what I did if you want to try
    - Selected above image from aws marketplace
    - selected 50GB disk during launch
    - I connected to the instance using ssh - it was installing cpanel and the usual stuff 
    - once the installation is done, checked and it shows only 10GB 
    - and it would not expand easily.... afaik all other images would pickup the disk and on disk resize, all we need is just a reboot. 

    Hope someone will look into this and fix the image. 


  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Hey there!  I reached out to our team that creates these images and they confirmed we plan to replace this with RockyLinux 9 at some point in the future, which would take care of this issue.


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