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Copying a large Website between accounts



  • techAMIGO
    Hello Hefin, If you want to duplicate a live website to a temp account, Imagine that live website username is "wptest1" 1. Create a temporary cpanel account with user name "wptest2" 2. Copy the contents from live website to temp account by using cp commands cp -pvr /home/wptest1/public_html/* /home/wptest2/public_html/ 3. Correct the ownership by using chown command chown -R wptest2:wptest2 /home/wptest2/public_html/ 4. If it is a wordpress contents, create a seaparate database & db user for temp account 5. Take a backup of live website database and restore it to the temp account database 6. Mention the newly created database name, database username, password in the temp account wp-config.php file
  • Hefin
    Hey @techAMIGO Your command to change the ownership is what I was looking for that should be just the ticket. Yeah, it's a WordPress site, thanks for the additional database cloning instructions, that part I'm fairly confident about as I've got the cPanel interface to help me.;) But copying the massive site over to another account using Linux commands and changing the ownership was a little daunting, so thanks for the instructions! :) :) Much appreciated, cheers
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    Thanks, @techAMIGO !

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