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empty dir with + attribute



  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    Hey hey! Safe, yes. Healthy...not entirely! "+" is "alternate access methods" for the file, such as an access control list. This wouldn't be anything created by cPanel, though, so I can't say for sure where it would have come from.
  • jeffschips
    Hi cPRex Glad to hear safe, but also wishing you better health, too. Could you elaborate on the "+". I don't understand if it applies to file and if so what are the implications on what that file can or cannot do. Oddly, there are no files in the directory where I see this. Unless they are somehow hidden or the "+" is a reminant of what was there. Is it safe to remove that access type and if so, how would that be done? Oh, and wishing you feel better, too.
  • docw

    Extended attributes can be applied to files and directories (so it's perfectly possible that the directory is empty).

    For a directory, you can list extended attributes with `lsattr -d [directory]`. So, for your xxxx directory you can run:

    lsattr -d xxxx

    There are lots of different attributes a file or directory can have. You can get a full list via the man page for `chattr` (which is the utility used to change attributes):

    man 1 chattr

    Most commonly, chattr is used to make files or directories immutable. In that case the output would look like this:

    ----i----------------- xxxx

    The "i" is the "immutable flag. To remove that attribute you can then run:

    chattr -i xxxx

    As cPRex said, cPanel won't have set any extended attributes. I have seen files with the immutable attribute set on hacked websites, so it's worth checking if the directory is legit.


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