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My Website is being redirected to other site




    Our security suite registers potential url hijacks on the domain you listed towards several parties.

    This is a scan from now and according to the historic records a scan of 15 days also had the same alerts.

    I do not think you are suffering from a DNS issue but a Wordpress hijack.
    Provided that the domain you linked is really your own and not already the redirect.
    DNS points mostly towards Cloudflare on:

    If your cPanel has a active Imunify-AV addon it would be wise to scan the site for locating any potential signs of infections or if you have Imunify360 you can possible restore it automatically. Though personally we never trust or rely on fully automatic malware clean-up due to the risk of skipping something in worst case leaving a backdoor or in least case causing anomalies in server logs.

    You will have to audit the associated database, htaccess files and possibly replace Wordpress core files with a fresh copy. If you have no experience with cleanup procedure I highly recommend hiring someone to complete the procedure for you as it might result in dataloss, crashed website otherwise.

    After cleanup be sure to update all plugins and check for dead links to developers that no longer support the plugin in question. In addition to any current theme active or inactive in the site.

    The alternative is restoring a older back-up how ever if you have no daily audits there is a change that the infection is also present in the site back-ups already. Thus it might be wise to first inspect the backup data before attempting a restore for any anomalies in the file content.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Mark Chapman - I removed the link to your site in the original post.  It's important to note that we can't share public data such as IP addresses, websites, emails, etc, on the forums.


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