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InnoDB Corruption Repair Guide



  • corporatehost
    Hi cPanelRyanR, Great Post. This will be helpful for many others who faces innodb issue.
  • DomineauX
    So full of win RyanR!
  • velnix
    Great post. helped me to recover all the databases in a dedicated server. :)
  • caisc
    Thanks for this gr8 post, really very helpful.
  • kamall
    Superbs!!great help thanks!
  • sarath8372
    The best InnoDB recovery guide I have ever seen. Kudos to You Ryan !!
  • BlueSteam
    This truly is a great guide but the moment I reached the section /C/ RECOVERING YOUR DATA I found that none of the 3 issues described in this guide is related to my problem. My issue at this time is tablespace corruption on random databases and also seems to be in the main engine of mysql outside of each respective database itself. So in effect, it seems to be complete innodb corruption. It would have been great if this guide could have assisted with recovering the main innodb engine as even after dumping the affected databases and re-creating and importing them, I got the following error #1030 - Got error -1 from storage engine during the import of the database and thats where things fell apart on this guide.
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello, While guides like the one on this thread are very helpful, additional causes of InnoDB corruption are still possible. It's sometimes useful to consult with a qualified system administrator for help with database repair. We provide a list of system administration services at: System Administration Services | cPanel Forums Thank you.
  • Kent Brockman

    Hello guys! After forum migration here, some long posts like this one, have become unreadable due to some kind of weird sanitization. Can you edit the original to make it clearly readable again? please? Thanks!

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Sure - I'll tweak it a bit now!


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