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cloudlinux in whm



  • Unnamed User

    also kindly confirm if I install cloudlinux I can't access whm anymore. and all my settings and websites hosted on them will wash out I mean deleted or will these settings remain the same?.

  • quietFinn

    You don't "install Cloudflinux on whm", but you install CloudLinux replacing your operating system.

    If your server's operating system is AlmaLinux 8 and you install CloudLinux it means the operating system will be CloudLinux 8.

    You pay the cPanel license fee, and if you install CloudLinux you also pay CloudLinux license fee.

    After you install CloudLinux WHM/cPanel are the same, except you have some CoudLinux specific addons in WHM.


  • Unnamed User

    actually i want to run python script on my server so that's why I want to install cloudlinux can you tell me what is an alternative way to run python ?

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    CloudLinux is not required to use Python.  More details on how you can use Python tools can be found here:


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