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WHM Licence verification failed after adding a second IP



  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Hey there!  There isn't a way to tell cPanel to use a specific IP to check the license.  It sounds like something is amiss in the networking configuration of the server causing the main outbound IP address to not be the one you want.

    You may need to adjust the "ip route" settings as outlined here:


  • Matthew.A

    Did you resolve this? I used cpanel/whm to add a second IP and I've got the same issue, keeps reverting  to the new ip for outbound traffic. I'm using ifconfig iface down to stop it, but keeps coming back up and screwing me

  • Elite777

    I followed the advice of cPRex in his link, but command:

    # ip route replace...

    works only temporary. After reboot cpanel shows invalid license again.

    I have ordered a new server and in the new server the second IP has a "higher number" than the main IP so everything now works fine. I think Almalinux or Cpanel have a behavior, from the list of all IPs in the server to consider always the lowest IP as the default, but I am not sure if this is valid.

    I can't investigate any further, because I don't have this server anymore, so this ticket can be closed.


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