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Addon domains lead to merged zone file and DNS + other addon domain challenges



  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Hey there!  Addon domains *do not* use the same zone file as the parent domain.  They get an entirely unique zone file with all the records that a unique cPanel account would.

    We do create a subdomain in order to create the Apache and directory structure for the addon domain, and because of this subdomain there will be additional records in the main DNS zone, but those won't be used typically as they would read in DNS, and it's very unlikely anyone will try and visit those.

    Does that help to clear things up a bit?

  • markus909

    Thanks, now I see it better, but as I looked more into it, also new things come up. Indeed there are separate zone files for main domain and addon domains. 

    The additional entries in the zone file of the main domain (cpanel account) confused me. I read about the mandatory subdomain and kind of accepted it that this is how it works with cPanel (even though it just makes things complicated as such things somehow mess with my mind)

    Besides the mentioned subdomain, now I see on top of it also a parked domain 🤔 so there is even an additional layer


    cpanel account =
    addon domain =
    required automatic subdomain = (Parked)

    I hope I translated that correct into this fictional domain example. Any idea what the parked domain is doing and why it got created?

    I can remove and unpark the Parked domain. But without knowing why its there, what it does, etc. it's difficult to remove or unpark things.

    On top, if I would access and directly I would get a "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN"

    I am quite busy, maybe that's why I can't think straight anymore about it. But it all does sound a bit strange, and probably is normally when just using shared web hosting hidden away. 

    Overall, those things let me question the entire cPanel/WHM system unfortunately, but probably it's everywhere the same, just hidden away and not visible to me.

    I hope you can further explain those topics - thanks a lot 


  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    That all sounds right to me except the parked domain portion - I don't see a parked domain on any of my addons.  The subdomains, yes, but no parks.  A park/alias would mean that the domain is redirecting to the content of another site.

  • markus909

    No idea why I got the parked domains. Maybe because I added the addon domains to a separate folder in home. When I tried to unpark the parked domain, immediately the addon domain did not work anymore. Those were obviously somehow connected. However, I anyway got rid of that setup, and moved to alias domains as you suggested in the other thread.

    My hosting provider is on cPanel 114.0.15, have seen others with version 116, maybe that also makes a difference

    If someone else sees the same, I didn't do anything special - just added an addon domain in a separate directory in home. And I added a permanent redirect to the main domain. Nothing else. The result was as described that I also got parked domains for whatever unknown reason

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    The cPanel version wouldn't matter in this case.  These areas have been the same forever, although we've tweaked the UI a few times over the years.


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