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Can not get website online - am i hacked?



  • Andrew

    Do you have an index.php or index.html file under /home/ferskertaxitrans/public_html/ folder?

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  • studioperisic

    Yes i have index.php. I managed to get the site online somehow. I updated theme and plugins, some over wptoolkit, some via file manager, and it worked somehow. But i still don't know why is this url in error log "...referer:

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    That entry usually indicates that someone at the remote domain is trying to access a file on your server.  Can you post the updated log entry from after you created the index.php page?

  • MilesWeb

    Hello, Studioperisic,

    It seems like there is an SEO crawler attempting to access your website, and a security plugin is preventing it from crawling the index file. This restriction is causing the error to be displayed in the logs.

    If you are using any security plugin you can disable it temporarily or if is there any allow/deny code in. htaccess that blocks access to the index file you can renamed .htaccess and check if you are getting the same logs.


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