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cPanel's Litespeed License On Non-cPanel Server



  • rbairwell

    I started placing an order for just Litespeed via with a non-cPanel IP address in the order box and on the "Review and Checkout" page, I got the "End-User License Agreement for LiteSpeed Software" document (not accessible unless you are in the order flow) - and it doesn't mention cPanel/WHM at all (so no "only in conjunction with/only on a server with..." type text). Checking the EULA/NOC Agreement at (which you've got to tick to indicate you've read and agreed to) makes no mention of Litespeed - so I would say "yes you can order just a Litespeed licence". However, I'm neither legally qualified nor a member of cPanel staff....

  • MilesWeb

    Hello, Twest

    Yes, you can easily install LiteSpeed on another panels like DirectAdmin and Plesk smoothly


    Refer to this to check further details

  • rbairwell

    MilesWeb: Twest wasn't asking if it was technically possible to install Litespeed on a non-cPanel server, but whether buying a licence from cPanel restricted it (legally or technically) from running on a non-cPanel server. Obviously, buying a licence for Litespeed direct from Litespeed would 100% guarantee you can run it on a non-cPanel server - but as @Twest said, it's cheaper to buy it from the cPanel Store...

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Most of the replies from MilesWeb that I'm seeing today look auto-generated...

  • Twest

    Thanks for the confirmation everyone. I went ahead with the license purchases. I'll assume cPRex not warning me against it is confirmation that it's okay lol. Such a good deal for litespeed 👍


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