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Add KernelCare’s Free Symlink Protection



  • Andrew

    Can you go to Terminal in WHM and execute this command?

    kcarectl --info

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  • WorkinOnIt

    [root@~]# kcarectl --info
    No patches applied, but some are available, run 'kcarectl --update'.
    [root@~]# kcarectl --update
    Downloading updates
    HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized:

  • WorkinOnIt

    OK I contacted Cloudlinux to get support and they told me to uninstall the kernel care 

    yum remove kernelcare 

    Then reinstall it:

    curl -s | bash
    kcarectl --set-patch-type free --update


    Please note that in some cases, you'll get the following message:

    'free' patch type is unavailable for your kernel

    That means that the kernel you're running has been released very recently and there are no patches yet for it. 

    I think they are very slow in supporting kernel updates.... we shall see (I am using up to date kernel)


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