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"Pending approval"



  • rbairwell

    This is an anti-spam measure primarily for new accounts (I assume the post is  which I responded to yesterday). If a post is by a new account (which that one was) or (I'm guessing here) has certain keywords, it is held for approval by a member of cPanel staff (I say a member of staff, it's probably cPRex ;) ) and won't appear for other users until it has been approved.


    Just a small heads-up it got approved :)

    And yeah it is a bit weird implementation. Limiting or greylisting new accounts is nothing new as tactic but limiting regular older accounts reacting on such posts is strange to say the least. 

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Mostly because I don't work on weekends, and the spam filter in the new system isn't very well trained yet.


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