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cPanel Store doesn't work



  • vmrejas

    I cannot enter cpanel store, the return too many redirects, please help us, my license is expired

  • Unnamed User

    I could login when using incognito mode.

  • vmrejas

    I tried in incognito mode, in chrome, edge, but no results, always from id.cpanel redirect to store with the message ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS and cloudflare blocks me.

    Please help to renew for my ip

  • rbairwell

    If it fails in incognito mode, then it rules out many issues (such as invalid cookies being stored in the browser). I assume vmrejas , you brought your licence directly from cPanel (and not from your web hosting provider)? If this isn't the case, please contact the organisation you purchased your license from.

    Since this forum now uses as an authentication layer, it "feels" like you don't have a purchase record with cPanel Inc (hence why the store system "can't figure out" what to do with your login).

    If you did buy directly from cPanel (this can be checked via - entering your server IP address should list "cPanel Direct" under "Partner NOC": if not, please contact the organisation listed) - then try using which *might* work. Failing that, try resetting your account using the "Forgot your password?" link "just in case" something is slightly broken.

    If you did purchase from cPanel, can't login to or (even after resetting your password), you should be able to open a ticket via .- if all that is impossible, I would suggest email cs [at] cpanel [dot net] from the email address in question and mentioning your server hostname and IP address .


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